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ETF for Value Investors 


ETFs are baskets of securities that trade like stocks on an exchange. 


ETFs have many appealing features for value investors

Diversification: ETFs represent a basket of securities commodities, real estate, and even currencies, emerging market

Track index: if we all believe market efficient, at least, your investment is as good as market.

Low cost: Expense ratios for many index ETFs are low compared to actively-managed mutual funds that focus on similar areas of the markets.


Easy to trade: While you typically must wait until the end of the day for your mutual fund trade to be completed, you can trade ETFs any time during the day.

Transparency: Because many ETFs track an index, it's relatively easy to know exactly what you own. Each index-based ETF is required to publish its holdings and weightings daily.


Tax efficiency: TF investors can only redeem ETF shares on an exchange and they can't redeem their shares directly with the fund.


Below is moomoo futu ETF tool example