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What is Heat Map?


Heat map shows rise and fall of each sector in visualization by color and shape size, it is based upon real time trading volume, social media discussion volume, financial news, brokerage holding etc. 

It is broken down into search heat, trade heat, social media heat, news heat


For example trade heat map can be based upon market cap, trading volume, and trading turnover rate.

moomoo trading platform provides high quality heat map to help you make wise investment decisions.


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After opened a moomoo account, log into moomoo App, click Watchlists --> Market --> Explore --> Heat Map

(Refer below)


You will see the screen below:

How to Interpret the Heat Map

Take the heat map drawn by Market Cap as an example. The larger the total market value of the corresponding stock is, the larger the sector area will be. The sector area is calculated as follows:

Sector Area = Total Area * Sector Market Cap / Total Market Cap  

Color of a sector


The color of a sector are determined by the fluctuation range. The greater the fluctuation is, the darker the color will be.

Green Up / Red Down:



How to Customize your own Heat Map

You can customize your own Heat Map by Stock Market such as US Market, HK Market, CN Market, Singapore Market

You can also customize your own Heat Map by Market Cap, Trading Volume, Turn Over rate.

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