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III. How to Open FUTU Account?

Note: moomoo is backed by FUTU Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: FUTU), SEC registered broker, member of FINRA/SIPC


Step 1. Click APP Icon you downloaded 



Enter your email and password, click ‘ Log In  

(Refer below)

moomoo email password log in


Step 2. Click ‘ Open Account  ’ on the up right corner



Step 3. Choose Country of Tax Resident



Step 4. Enter your legal name, address, DOB etc.



Step 5: Sign your full name and click ' Submit ' button



The next procedure is IV. Deposit into FUTU Account

If you haven't finished I. Sign up, II. Download App ,  please do so first



In order to receive free stocks from FUTU, you need to finish the following FIVE procedures:


I. Sign up with FUTU

II. Download FUTU App

III. Open FUTU Account

IV. Deposit into FUTU Account

V. Receive Free Stocks from FUTU