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Cathie Wood And Short Sell

Cathie Wood is known for her innovation ETF's that have garnered billions even during the pandemic. Her company, ARK Invest, is internally testing a fund where you bet against major stocks in the benchmarks that are being disrupted. Wood referred to this as "ARK on steroids" because her company is testing out a portfolio that takes the ETF market to the next level. Wood will be testing the strategy on ARK's employees and has not said when the fund will be available to retail investors.

Moomoo offers ETF investing with the benefit of short selling a stock. Moomoo offers extended hours for trading, and this includes pre-market (4AM-9:30 AM) and after-hours (4PM-8PM). 

Everlumen can help you with navigating the moomoo site as well as providing insights on hot topic financial issues.Click the video below for instructions on how to sign up with moomoo, and check out our how-to videos with all the details on how to download the app and open an account.