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V. How to Receive Free Stocks from FUTU?

Note: moomoo is backed by FUTU Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: FUTU), SEC registered broker, member of FINRA/SIPC


Step 1. Click APP Icon 



Enter your email and password, click ' Log In '

moomoo email password log in


Step 2. Click 'Me' at the bottom right corner



Step 3. Click 'Claim Now' in the middle of the screen



Step 4. Click 'GO' in the middle of lottery ring



Step 5. Win free stocks


Please pay attention to the emails from Futu
Congratuations! You Receive Free Stocks!


If you haven't finished FUTU I. Sign up, II. Download app, III. Open an account, IV. Deposit into account, please do so first.



In order to receive free stocks from FUTU, you need to finish the following FIVE procedures:


I. Sign up with FUTU

II. Download FUTU App

III. Open FUTU Account

IV. Deposit into FUTU Account

V. Receive Free Stocks from FUTU