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What the chip shortage means for the market?


The chip shortage is a big issue right now, with a lot of inconveniences abounding. But if you keep in mind that abundance and scarcity are two sides of the same coin, there are two companies that might come together to help solve the problem.

Nvidia and Intel may join forces to help the scarcity. What isn’t clear yet is just how much this potential duo can do to make a positive impact on the problem.

The pandemic did much to increase the gravity of the problem, since remote work and entertainment needs increased which called for more of a need for semiconductors and chips. Nvidia and Intel might decide to collaborate out of necessity.


Take a look at the following charts extract from moomoo app to see how major chip companies are performing in the stock market.


We might also find that this collaboration might set a new precedent for other companies to work together to solve a big problem. After all, the semiconductor and chip shortage affects not only multiple companies like the auto industry, but also individuals too. The general public is suffering from this shortage, and it isn’t going to get better quickly.

But maybe at some point this year it will start to improve. Intel already helps Nvidia with its supercomputing technologies and CPUs (central processing unit).

Basically, time will tell what will happen.



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