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Will renewable energy stocks be hot given Ukraine crisis?



Take a look at the stock information extracted from moomoo App above. It is clear that renewable energy stocks are a hot topic, and there is much to go on in terms of valuation, supply, demand and availability. The top tier green energy stocks are Brookfield Renewable, Clearway Energy, First Solar, NextEra Energy, and SolarEdge Technologies.



As the chart shows, NextEra Energy was up 4.95%. It is clear that given the Ukraine crisis, renewable energy stocks are and will become volatile. One example of this is VivoPower International PLC. It was down to 1.88 USD today but was performing well previously.

Sunworks Inc. behaved much the same way and was down to 2.81 USD today. But, in contrast, Blue Dolphin Energy Company was up 26.32% today.

Blue Dolphin and NextEra Energy are very different. One is a petroleum company (Blue Dolphin) and the other is an electric utility company (NextEra Energy). Comparing just these two you will see the differences that come with what type of energy it is that the company stands for.


Here is the market summary for Blue Dolphin:

On Friday, Blue Dolphin Energy Co (BDCO:QXR) closed at 0.96, -37.25% below its 52-week high of 1.53, set on Mar 08, 2022.
Key statistics.

Average volume 116.86k
Market cap 12.19m USD
EPS (TTM) -0.9788 USD


Here is the market summary for NextEra Energy:

NextEra Energy Inc.

Volume 10.53M
Market Value $161.67B
Shares Outstanding 1.96B
EPS (TTM) $1.81
P/E Ratio (TTM) 45.50


Basically, what we see here is that one went up (Blue Dolphin) and one went down (NextEra Energy). Why? The reasons are many, but the most important aspect to keep in mind is that the market is very volatile right now, so that makes renewable energy stocks volatile as well. There is discussion about NextEra Energy going downhill (in more ways than one) and blue dolphin continuing to be immersed in volatility as well.

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