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Twitter, housing market, what is next? 


To say that Twitter has undergone some changes lately is, as you probably know, a major understatement. Today, it closed at $48.64, which was a slight downturn from yesterday. Take a look at this chart which shows what Twitter’s stock performance was prior to Musk buying the company, and where its stock is now:

Keeping in mind that things can change fast, it is probably safe to say that Twitter’s stock will be somewhat volatile. But if other companies are to be something to look back on, Twitter is not the only company undergoing major changes. Take a look at the housing market. While it is, of course, not a company, it has experienced volatility with respect to interest rates and inflation. Take a look at the following chart that points to the challenges of the housing market this year:

What the housing market and Twitter have in common is the future. The future for Twitter is pretty wide open, potentially, and for the housing market, there is always a future of some kind for real estate. 

Since both things have some sort of future awaiting them, all we can do now is wait to see what happens. If good things are in our future, great. But we have made it through the bad times in the past, so if it turns out that for example, the housing market takes a severe downturn, we will still be here once it’s over. Some things change, some things stay the same.