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Real-Time Quotes


For technical investors, real-time quote on stock price, option bid/ask price are critical for them to make decisions. The platform which updates real-time quote play important role.

moomoo futu update quotes every 0.3 second, it is the real-time quote platform, for level II data.

For popular stocks, there are often a lot of analysis and research reports on the market. Research reports will analyze and evaluate a company from a variety of angles, but two indicators are generally essential: analyst ratings and target price forecasts. The analyst rating refers to the rating based on the current stock price and the company’s future prospects, whether it is rated to sell or buy. Generally, there are strongly recommended selling, selling, underperforming, holding, recommending buying, and strongly recommending buying. Multiple rating theories. In the fundamental analysis data of each stock, Futu compiled the ratings of multiple analysts in the market, and gave a graphical rating distribution, which is clear at a glance, so that investors can obtain information as soon as possible without having to look up research everywhere.


Below is the screen print of Apple Stock, its option real-time quote chart from moomoo platform